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Steve Zabawa

Co-Founder and CEO of WebBuy and Dealer Principal of Rimrock Auto Group in Billings, Montana. Steve has over 37 years of dealership experience, working from the bottom up to become an owner of several stores and groups. He founded WebBuy before anyone dreamed of buying a car online or any 3rd party disrupter was attacking the dealer model. His mission is to position dealers like himself to compete even more favorably than the online disrupters. His unique combination of experience, foresight, and determination makes him one of the fiercest advocates for the needs of dealers -- now and into the future.

How to Beat Carvana at Their Own Game

Like it or not, Carvana has revolutionized the car-buying experience with its focus on convenience, transparency, quality assurance, and customer-friendly policies. However, traditional dealerships can still compete and even surpass Carvana with the right tools -- without sacrificing their unique way of doing business. The WebBuy Omni Sales Platform is designed to help dealers do just that. Here's how WebBuy enables dealers to beat Carvana at their own game by excelling in these four key areas.

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Should OEMs Dictate Software Choices for Dealers?

In the automotive industry, the relationship between car manufacturers (OEMs) and their dealer franchisees has traditionally been simple: "You build 'em, and we sell 'em." As the digital age transforms vehicle shopping and purchasing, a pressing question arises: should OEMs dictate which dealer management systems (DMS), retailing software, and website platforms their franchisees use? Here, we explore both sides of this debate, with a focus on the dealer perspective.

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