New Features!

We're excited to announce the addition of a number of great new features including:

  • Passwordless Account Creation
  • Full Client Trade Offer History
  • Client Milestone Icons Update
  • Dealer Control Center Rapid Account Switching
  • Estimator Page Lead Gating


Passwordless Account Creation

WebBuy is dedicated to providing the absolute best customer experience possible. Having to create a lengthy password that meets several onerous requirements isn't a great experience. That's why we're now doing it automatically for all our clients that submit the lead form! Users that submit our new, simplified lead form will receive an email from WebBuy with a temporary password that they can use to get back into their account. This should reduce friction in the sign-up process and help generate even more leads!

Lead Gate
Full Client Trade Offer History

As more and more dealers start using WebBuy in the showroom, and more and more desking is done in the WebBuy Dealer Control Center, we know dealers will need as much information on deals as possible. In that spirit, we have now built out a robust "Trade Details" page as part of a client's details. This page lists all the VINs the user sought trade valuations for as well as all of the sessions each one was included in and the status of the offer. The dealer can also launch a more detailed view by each vehicle session to see all the relevant data on the offer. We hope this will streamline desking and retargeting. 

Trade Details
Client Milestone Icons Update

In order to make the Client List in the Dealer Control Center as useful as possible, we have reworked our icons that communicate what the client has done in their deal thus far. The changes include a number of new icons for things like accessories or protection products being added to the deal, a new color scheme for many of the icons, and a new credit application icon that is easier to distinguish from prequalification. 

It should also be noted that hovering your mouse over the top of an icon will trigger a text box to pop up that will tell you exactly what that icon and its color mean. 


Dealer Control Center Rapid Account Switching

In order to help dealers work more quickly in the Dealer Control Center, we have added the ability to switch between the accounts in your group without leaving the page. Users with permissions for multiple accounts within the group can now click on the account name at the top of the page which launches an account selector. The page will reload for the newly selected account. 

Account Switching


Estimator Page Lead Gating

To provide as much customization as possible, we have created a new type of lead gate that can be employed for our most popular application entry point, the Estimator. Dealers can now enable a lead gate that will allow users to view the estimator page and see all of the exciting features they can use to structure their deal before being asked to fill out the lead form. The lead gate will pop up as soon as the user interacts with any of the buttons on the page that will change their payment. We expect this to be a much more effective lead gate since it will sell the user on the value of the tool before asking that they submit their contact information. 



Questions? Feel free to contact your WebBuy client success manager or contact our Support team at

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