New Feature: Podium Chat Integration

We're excited to announce the addition of a texting integration with Podium! This integration will allow users will be able to quickly get answers to their questions without having to leave the application. Dealers will be able to receive messages from users asking questions within the application, and they'll also be able to send WebBuy deals out to their clients that haven't already started a deal in WebBuy. You can check it out in action in this video:


Starting a Chat from a WebBuy Deal

For accounts where dealers have a Podium account, WebBuy users will see a chat bubble available with the other application tools that will allow them to submit their contact information and their question. The information is then sent to the dealer's Podium account, where a simple automation will create a new conversation and text the user's phone. Dealership staff will be notified of the message and can quickly address the user's concerns and help them continue building their deal. 

Podium WebBuy Button
The WebBuy application now has a chat button that will take the user to the Podium contact form
Podium WebBuy Form
Users fill out this basic lead form and add their question for the dealer.
Podium WebBuy Sent
The lead form is sent to the dealer's Podium account, and the user is informed they will receive a text message response.
Podium Auto Response
A new conversation is created in the dealer's Podium account with a link to the user's WebBuy deal. Podium automatically texts the user to let them know that their message has been received. 
Podium Text Sized
All messaging is done via the users texting app, so the user doesn't have to leave WebBuy and can continue working on their deal!
Building a WebBuy Deal from a Chat

A dealer's Podium account can aggregate leads from any source the dealer may wish to use, so they'll have lots of contacts to message that may not necessarily have a WebBuy deal set up. There are a number of different ways that dealers can create fresh deals to send to customers which you can read about here. Dealers can also update a client's existing deal in the NetDesker and the changes will be automatically updated on the client side. Links to existing deals can be copied via the Client Sessions page and shared with users. Our customer success managers would be more than happy to demonstrate these capabilities for any dealers who would like to bring their chat tools into the omnichannel era. 

In order to use these features, dealers will need to have their own account with Podium. Podium is an industry leading chat tool with powerful communication, payments, and reputation management tools. Their new AI chat tool is also helping dealers respond even faster to their increasingly online customer base. If you are an existing Podium customer or you're interested in adding these capabilities to your website, contact your WebBuy client success manager or contact our Support team at

If you aren't using our tool yet, set up a demo today! 


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